TIMDOG was destined to perform after seeing The Beatles (originally known as the Moon Dogs) on the Ed Sullivan show and listening to the Yardbirds while growing up.  Having a musical family helped develop his foundation of musical understanding.
TIMDOG has traveled the nation performing at all type of venues.  He is a vocal expert and provides a solid groove on bass guitar.  The ability to play any style of music and change with the times has kept him in demand.

After touring the top Florida clubs, TIMDOG came to California.  It didn't take long before he surrounded himself with the necessary pieces to back up his outstanding vocals.  Soon TIMDOG was the most sought after vocalist in the mountain resort circuit.

BRETTDOG and RONDOG were newcomers to the club gig when they found TIMDOG.  They found their way into the house gig with TIMDOG and took serious notes from watching the master.

BRETTDOG left for the Marines and RONDOG sought a day job to be with his family.  Ultimately TIMDOG grew tired of beating dead horses trying to find the sound to support his voice.  

He gave in to BRETTDOG and they called up RONDOG to put together a 3 piece band that has the best harmonies around.  BRETTDOG and RONDOG are two of the best musicians TIMDOG has known.  Together they provide a huge variety of musical entertainment to crowds valley wide.

TIM passed away in 2017.  We miss you old friend - Thanks for the great memories, great music, and loyal friendship!!!!!!!