RONDOG grew up tagging along to watch his dad play in bands.  While living in the bay area he listened to greats like Tower of Power.  Solid grooves and perfect tempo entered RONDOG forever!
Before aging out of Drum Corps International, RONDOG made it into the snare line of the Velvet Knights.  After competing in finals he returned to his position as Drum Instructor for Madera High School.  BRETTDOG was a freshman that year and a friendship based on musical respect began.  

By the time BRETTDOG was a senior, they were arranging music and writing field shows for the band's competitions.  Both impressed with the other's abilities, they consulted each other for critiques.

RONDOG had started his own band and asked BRETTDOG to join.  The others did not have the same goals in mind and soon the DOGS moved on.  They enlisted Brett's older Brother Chris to play guitar and 5 Minutes to Spare (originally After Hours) was born.  Countless hours of rehearsals and members followed.

Between them  they could play every instrument in the band.  They rotated to fill in the gaps as they tried new members.  Drummer after drummer came and went.  Finally RONDOG laid down the guitar and became STIX CORREA for good.

With Chris' death in 1991, the band was done.  Both went their own ways but RONDOG hooked up with a country band and was playing every weekend.  Always looking out for the little brother he inherited, RONDOG got BRETTDOG in the band.

Years later BRETTDOG returned the favor and brought the best drummer he's known into a 3 piece band with TIMDOG.  BRETTDOG took off to the Marine Corps, but always jammed with the guys when he came home on leave.

Ultimately, the friendship kept them together and now it has paid off for the YARDDOGS and all listeners!
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