The Yard Dogs are a band that has your entertainment in mind!!! They are a pack of great friends and their music is as tight as a choke chain! Look for them at your local water bowl.

The Yard Dogs are a band that has your entertainment in mind!!! They are a pack of great friends and their music is as tight as a choke chain!

TIMDOG was destined to perform after seeing The Beatles (originally known as the Moon Dogs) on the Ed Sullivan show and listening to the Yard Birds while growing up.  Having a musical family helped develop his foundation of musical understanding. BRETTDOG has been involved in music and performing all his life.  Music has provided Brett the opportunity to see the world and enjoy performing for thousands!  RONDOG grew up tagging along to watch his dad play in bands. 

TIMDOG has traveled the nation performing at all type of venues.  He is a vocal expert and provides a solid groove on bass guitar.  The ability to play any style of music and change with the times has kept him in demand. After touring the top Florida clubs, TIMDOG came to California.  It didn't take long before he surrounded himself with the necessary pieces to back up his outstanding vocals.  Soon TIMDOG was the most sought after vocalist in the mountain resort circuit. BRETTDOG and RONDOG were newcomers to the club gig when they found TIMDOG.  They found their way into the house gig with TIMDOG and took serious notes from watching the master. BRETTDOG left for the Marines and RONDOG sought a day job to be with his family. 

When Brett returned from the Marines, he was ready for music again.  Ultimately TIMDOG grew tired of beating dead horses trying to find the sound to support his voice.  He gave in to BRETTDOG.  They knew that together, they would be successful.  It was decided that they were the core and pieces could be filled in to augment their leading talents.  They called up RONDOG to put together a 3 piece band that had the best harmonies around. 

BRETTDOG plays guitar, saxophone, keyboards, flute, drums, and bass guitar - and is learning fiddle.  His vocals range from backing up TIMDOG to focusing on the new rock/alternative songs the YARDDOGS play.

BRETTDOG was honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps in 2001, after 4 successful years active duty.  Originally a member of the Marine Corps Band, he played music world wide and entertained thousands of troops and civilians.  He was recalled to active duty in 2003 and a second set of Presidential Recall orders followed in 2004 to serve as the Intelligence Chief of Marine Aircraft Group 46 in San Diego.  He made the weekend drives to be with his family and run with the YARDDOGS.  Now he has returned home for good and The YARDDOGS were hitting on all cylinders!

Then came CHRISDOG………..
Chris Leonard performed at nightclubs all over the Midwest up until1993.  He and BRETTDOG met while Chris was playing guitar and singing in the worship team for Harvest Community Church in Madera.  In August of 2005, Chris finally gave into Brett’s badgering; and agreed to join The YARD DOGS!  CHRISDOG brings a lot to the group.  He can add to the already awesome harmonies, as well as sing lead.  He will be taking over the sound duties and be responsible for laying down a solid rhythm guitar & keyboards.  Both of which allow BRETTDOG to focus more on switching instruments, as needed.  The YARDDOGS are excited about taking a new step forward.  The addition of CHRISDOG will allow them to make this step!

Unfortunately in October of 2005, RONDOG had his work schedule changed and was no longer able to perform with The YARD DOGS.  JUSTIN-TIME immediately stepped in and was awarded his YARD DOG shirt the 2nd night he played with The YARD DOGS.

June of 2007 The YARD DOGS played their LAST BAR!!!!  Now, the band exclusively plays privately contracted parties, weddings, dances, fundraisers, etc.  With the change to this format brought drummer PETER VENTURI. PETEDOG is one of Brett's oldest friends.  They began playing music together in the mid-80's and have remained friends.  PETEDOG has filled in with The YARD DOGS several times and is always an enjoyment to hear.  PETEDOG owns an electronic repair shop known throughout the valley.  His love for music is multi-generational.  He performed with his dad since a young age.  PETEDOG has been sought after by many valley bands and most recently performed for several years with MIDLIFE CRISIS. 

CHRISDOG retired from the band in December of 2012 and TIMDOG was flirting with hangin it up, but played several shows each year.  However, with the additional of awesome keyboards and backing vocals of MOKIE and the supersonic Lead guitar sounds of GUY TICKNER, The YARD DOGS are set to keep performing!  TIMDOG even decided to stick around a while!   (R.I.P. TIMDOG Aug 2017)

2016 saw The YARD DOGS again perform at the MONTEREY ROCK-n-ROD as The "Host Band", also being the road band for MITCH RYDER!  

2017 brings the addition of NASH BRYANT on bass and vocals.  Look for these great musicians at your favorite venue and check back to this site often for updates!

Same great music! Same Great Entertainment!  Same Great YARD DOGS!!!!!

The YARDDOGS now have a solid fit and are enjoying living the legacy envisioned by Brett & Tim way back in December of 2002.

Tim Dumford (2002-2017), Brett Moglia (2002-current), 
Ron Correa (2002-2005), Gene VonWagner (2003-2004), 
Chris Leonard (2005-2012), Justin Smith (2005-2007), 
Peter Venturi (2007-current), Steve Kidd (2008-2012), 
Mokey Cowger (2012-current), Guy Tickner (2013-current), 
Nash Bryant (2016-current)

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